Elections to the European Parliament May 25, 2019

Where and how to vote?

Sa 25. 05. 2019
Štrbské Pleso
Entrance fee

On the territory of the village of Štrba and the local parts of Tatranská Štrba and Štrbské Pleso there are 4 electoral districts with the possibility for voting from 7.00 am to 10.00 pm on Saturday, May 25th 2019.

Štrba Municipal Office Building, Hlavná 188/67, 059 38 Štrba
Building of the Štrba Cultural House, Slovenského Národného Povstania Street 338, 059 38 Štrba
Building of the extended office of the Municipal Office and the Municipal Police Štrba, above the Tourist Information Center next to the Hotel Toliar, 059 38 Štrba - Štrbské Pleso
Building of the extended office of the Štrba Municipal Office in Tatranská Štrba, Street Bellova 75, 059 41 Štrba - Tatranská Štrba

The right to vote to the European Parliament election in the territory of the Slovak Republic is held by a citizen of the Slovak Republic who has a permanent residence in the territory and a citizen of another Member State of the European Union who has permanent residence in the Slovak Republic. An EU citizen who does not have a permanent residence in Slovakia and who resides on the territory of the Slovak Republic on the day of the election is also entitled to vote in the Slovak Republic. Voting can be realised only in one of the member state of the European Union for the European Parliament election.

A voter who is permanently resident in the Slovak Republic and will not be able to vote in his / her permanent residence on the day of the election may apply for a voting card in his / her municipality / office at office hours. The voting card entitles you to vote in the election roll in any election district in Slovakia.

The voter who is unable to attend the election room for serious, especially health reasons, has the right to ask the municipality on the day of the election and election commission to vote in a portable election station.


1.  Before voting, the voter shall prove their identity by submitting the identity card or residence card of European Union citizen.

2.  The voter shall receive ballot papers and an empty envelope from the members of the commission and confirm the receipt by their handwritten signature.

3.  In the special polling booth, the voter shall put one of the ballot papers without any modification into the envelope or they shall designate preferential voting in one of the ballot papers by circling the serial number of maximum two candidates. Then, the voter shall put the ballot paper into the envelope and subsequently in the ballot box. The voter shall put the unused ballot papers to the box for unused or incorrectly modified ballot papers, otherwise they commit a minor offence, for which a fine of € 33 will be imposed.

More information:
Štrba village
Municipal office
Hlavná Street 188/67
059 38 Štrba
T: +421527781461
E: strba@strba.sk

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