By Car to Štrbské Pleso

12 km

From D1 exit
29 km

From Poprad
320 km

From Bratislava
141 km

From Košice

Travel in the comfort of your own car

The destination is easily accessible, mainly thanks to the nearby D1 Motorway exit. It is also possible to use other level 1 and 2 primary routes.

While traveling on D1 and the level 1 primary routes, count on a well-developed system of petrol stations, motorway service areas, as well as restaurants along the way. The roads are passable all year round – winter maintenance includes clearing, gritting and salting.

zone Number Car Park Capacity Price
green 1 At the entrance to Strbske Pleso, near pension Pleso 45 cars, 2 reserved ZTP parking space in front of the ramp*0 up to 20 minutes free, 1 hour 2€ and all-day 10€
green 2 Opposite Health Centre for people with serious disabilities 22 cars 10 €
green 3 Central parking 350 cars, 12 reserved ZTP parking places *0 Cars, motorcycle / day 10 €
Cars, motorcycle / 1 hour 2 €
Bus, caravan / day 20 €
Bus, caravan / 1 hour 4 €

a) Temporary parking for buses - Roveň parking area before the entrance to Štrbské Pleso,
b) Parking within 20 min. in the central parking lot for cars and motorcycles,
c) Vehicles marked „severely disabled person“.
green 4 Parking at the market stalls /market place 70 cars 2 € / 1 hour
4 € / 2 hours
6 € / 3 and more hours
red 5 Sports Complex (Road and area at the FIS Hotel) *1, *2, *3, *4 70 cars Closed to the public using for parking since December 2020. Available only to hotel guests of the FIS hotel, employees of the sports complex and sport training clubs.

Green zone - parking place for non-accommodated guests / public with parking fee or free of charge
Red zone - parking place is only allowed for accommodated guests without possibility for public parking
Orange zone - parking for accommodated guests also for public with parking fee
The fee for the loss of the parking ticket at the payment station 15 €
* 0 Need to prove valid car marking and card.
* 1 The FIS hotel has its own hotel parking place, it is not for public parking available.

Important: Guests staying at the FIS hotel will be issued with a parking permit issued by the hotel during the winter season.
* 2 The owners of purchased ABL parking cards ( Cross- country skiing area SNOW Štrbské Pleso) are parked in ABL reserved parking spaces.
* 3 Skiing clubs and other bodies authorized to park must show valid parking cards at the entrance and during parking time in the car.
* 4 The hotel ski bus/ shuttle service entrance is only available with marked ski bus and card issued by ski resort.

Temporary, seasonal parking areas
If OPEN / ACCESSED, follow the operator's and parking service instructions
green 6 Sport grounds - cross-country tracks (only in summer season) 300 cars Closed
green 7 At Nové Štrbské pleso (P4) 100 cars 10 €
green 8 Local road direction to the FIS hotel - K vodopadom Street (P8) 30 cars 10 €
green 9 Road Popradské pleso direction (P2) 50 cars, 10 buses Cars: 5,50 € / day (6:00 am - 6:00 pm) past 1:00 pm 3 € / hour (1:00 pm - 6:00 pm) Buses, trucks till 3 hours 5 € / bus 10 € / bus 3 and more hours, all day
green 10 Local road to the Church - Móry Street (P3) 50 Closed
green 11 Local road to former LD Helios and local road
from the turning to Helios to the lower parking place (P7)
100 cars, 2 reserved ZTP parking space in front of the ramp*0 10 €
green 12 parkovisko pre ZŤP - pri miestnej komunikácii oproti hotelu Patria

strata parkovacieho lístka 20 €

Electronic vignettes

For using Slovakia’s motorways, it is necessary to buy an electronic vignette. The cheapest one costs €10 and is valid for ten days.

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