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Splendour of the high tatras from a skier's eye view

The exceptionally long season makes this location perfect for ski mountaineering expeditions.

Ski mountaineering is very popular in the High Tatras. The majestic beauty of the mountains surrounding Štrbské Pleso never fails to make a lasting impression on anyone who puts forth the effort, be it a beginner or an experienced ski alpinist.

All there is to know about ski mountaineering


For all beginning ski mountaineers, we recommend using groomed slopes. Remember to stay within two meters from their right edge. As downhill slopes are meant to be used by lift users in the first place, you are there at your own risk.


As a more experienced skier, take an advantage of the region's abundance of slopes covered with virgin snow, or climb peaks to take in all the staggering views. However, you can set out on most of these trails only if accompanied by a mountain guide.



TANAP (Tatra National Park) Visitors' Code of Conduct requires all ski mountaineering and backcountry skiing enthusiasts to stay only within the front part of the valley (up to the Skok Waterfall, or Malá Bašta and Mlynické Solisko).


Start at the valley station of the chair lift to Solisko. The trail to Mlynická dolina begins about 30 metres northeast of the station. Follow the yellow trail marks through the forest until you reach its upper edge. From here, continue to the base of the Skok Waterfall.

For beginners

Follow a hiking trail from Štrbské Pleso to Mlynická dolina and back.

For advanced ski alpinists

Hike from the base of the Skok Waterfall in Mlynická dolina to Soliskové sedlo. From there cross to the slope at Chata pod Soliskom.

With a mountain guide

To enjoy a truly amazing panoramic view, climb up the easily accessible peak of Patria above Štrbské Pleso. Then take a nice and safe ski down in a continuous terrain without rocky or any other obstacles. Since the southern slope is very gentle and wide, feel free to choose a trail that suits you the most. Also, make sure to pick a fun mountain guide to accompany you.

Ski mountaineering with mountain guides

The Mountain Guides Association currently brings together 24 guides to keep you safe on your hikes. If interested, do not hesitate to contact them.

Mountain Guides Association
tel +421 905 428 170

Important information

Ski slopes can be used for ski mountaineering at the following times:

8:30 to 16:00 – from the beginning of the ski season until 31 January
8:30 to 16:30 – from 1 February until the end of the ski season

Ski slopes are closed at the following times:

16:00 to 08:30 – from the beginning of the ski season until 31 January
16:30 to 08:30 – from 1 February to the end of the skiing season


Warning! When closed, the ski slopes pose a danger of injury caused by the steel cables that pull snow cannons and tracked vehicles to reach better grooming results.

Warning! When closed, the ski slopes pose a danger of injury caused by the steel cables that pull snow cannons and tracked vehicles to reach better grooming results.

  1. When climbing a ski slope, always use its edge marked by portable bars.
  2. Always use trails marked by green lines in maps, and by portable markers in the terrain.
  3. Always walk one behind the other, not side by side.
  4. Pay increased attention to skiers on the slope.
  5. Be very careful at the terrain horizons and edges, narrow spots, steep slopes, icy spots, slopes crossings and other places where there is an increased risk of collision with skiers.
  6. Cross each slope only at designated places and make sure to maintain a safe distance between the members of your group.
  7. Do not enter closed slopes or their parts. Follow local signs and recommendations of the operation staff of lifts and slopes.
  8. Do not enter the slopes outside the official hours.
  9. Dogs are not allowed on ski slopes.
  10. Since all ski mountaineering trails are located within Tatra National Park (TANAP), visitors must follow TANAP Visitor's Code of Conduct, as well as instructions of the Mountain Rescue Service.
  11. Follow the Mountain Code of Conduct and be safe on the slopes.
  12. By using the areas designated for ski mountaineering, each ski alpinist agrees to comply with these rules and with the instructions of authorized staff. If the rules are broken, an authorized employee shall instruct the ski alpinist to follow them. In the case of serious, continuous or repeated violations, authorized employees are entitled to prevent such persons from entering the designated area.

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