From Štrbské Pleso to Mengusovská dolina and back

Trail Length
10,2 km
3:00 h

An easy, half-day hike on good roads and well waymarked trails.


From the Patria Hotel at Štrbské pleso, set out on the red waymarked trail called Tatranská magistrála. Cross the Mlynica creek and walk up through the forest all the way to the wooded Trigan peak (1,481 m above sea level). Then continue through sparse vegetation to Odbočka zimnej cesty (winter trail junction at 1,525 metres above sea level). Stay on the red trail. When covered with snow, this part of the trail is closed all the way to the lake of Popradské pleso. In winter, follow the green trail from the junction.

Popradské pleso

From the junction, the trail winds through a forest at first, and then it goes on through open terrain of the Patria mountainside, to a bridge over the creek of Hincov potok. Continue to the trail junction of Rázcestie nad Popradským plesom. Then walk down the tarmac road for a while to the chalet of Chata pri Popradskom plese.

Mengusovská dolina

Continue up a forest path, and later among the dwarf pines to Mengusovská dolina. At 8 kilometres long, the valley in the southern part of the High Tatras is large and very popular with tourists. Its waters create the Poprad River. In the middle of the valley, Popradské pleso lies. It is also where the valley splits into two parts – Zlomisková dolina in the north-east end, and the actual Mengusovská dolina in the north-west end. Before you leave Mengusovská dolina, stop by the largest and deepest lake in the Slovak High Tatras – Veľké Hlincovo pleso.

Our suggestion

On your way back, visit Symbolický cintorín (symbolic cemetery at 1,525 m above sea level). The cemetery in a pine grove honours all who died in the mountains. Warning – the yellow trail is closed from 1 November till 15 June.


To get back to Štrbské Pleso, follow the same trail that led you here. Or, follow another trail from Popradské pleso which runs along its shore all the way to its south-east tip. Then it turns right and, for a short period of time, continues along a creek flowing out of the lake. After that, several short hairpin bends will take you to Symbolický cintorín, a pine grove cemetery.

Cross the creek over a bridge and join the blue  trail leading down the valley of Mengusovská dolina back to Štrbské Pleso. It will take you to a crossroad above the Tatra Electric Railway station at Popradské pleso.

At the crossroad, turn right on the tarmac road that parallels the railway track. Walk up the moderate wooded hillside, and when on the main road, walk down a little. Then follow the path along the north shore of Nové Štrbské pleso (1,315 m above sea level) to soon reach the Štrbské Pleso train station.

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