From Štrbské Pleso to Mlynická dolina and back

An easy half day hike on well waymarked trails.

Trail Length
16 km
1050 m
6:25 h

This is an easy, half-day long hike requiring no special orientation skills. Walking through the peaceful valley of Mlynická dolina, admire the majestic Skok Waterfall, as well as countless breathtaking views.


Start at the Štrbské Pleso train station (1,355 m above sea level) and follow the tarmac road to the ski jumps. From there follow the yellow waymarked hiking trail. It will take you all the way to the tranquil valley of Mlynická dolina.

To the Skok Waterfall

From Mlynická dolina, walk up the stony path. The higher you go, the narrower it will become. Hairpin bends will help you at the steeper parts. Peeking through the majestic spruces, you will be able to see the waterfall. And if your hearing is really good, you will be able to hear it too.

Continue on the yellow trail and you will enter the dwarf-pine zone. Notice the large rock formation called Kazateľnica (pulpit). After a short while, you will stand right at the bottom of the waterfall. Its 25-metre drop is spectacular. It is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the region, and it falls from a ledge that is 1,789 m above sea level.

From the waterfall to Štrbský štít

Walk around the waterfall from the left, on a path secured with mounted chains. Then climb up to a flat valley terrace, where you will find the picturesque lake of Pleso nad Skokom (1,785 m above sea level). The mountain lake covers the area of 0.74 ha and is 1.2 m deep. This place offers a beautiful view of Satan’s toothy ridge (2,422 m above sea level), being reflected in the undisturbed surface of the lake.

At the end of Mlynická dolina, the captivating pyramide of Štrbský štít (2,381 m above sea level) will welcome you. If looking in the opposite direction, you will see an area reaching from Štrbské Pleso to the Low Tatras (Nízké Tatry) mountains.


Return back to Štrbské Pleso following the same route.

Our suggestion

On your way back, stop by the ski jump centre, or visit the viewpoints along the lake of Štrbské pleso.

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